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Trainer’s Award


To encourage and reward Gilwell Society members for participating and promoting BSA training and Gilwell Society events and programs.


Each Gilwell Society member shall be awarded points for leading or participating in functions and/or completing certain goals between July 1  and June 1 the following year

A special award will be granted to the top 30 points-earners at the Gilwell Society’s Back to Gilwell and Annual Meeting in the spring of each year.

Points are non-transferable and valid for the Back to Gilwell and Annual Meeting period (July-June).

Items purchased with Gilwell Bucks at the annual auction may be kept by the purchaser or donated to an individual Scout or Scout unit, solely at the purchaser’s discretion.

Trainers AWARD

For leading a council or district training program2,000
For teaching a class at a council or district training program (each class)1,000
For serving on a training staff (Duties other than instructing) 500
For teaching a class in another district 1,000
For serving on Wood Badge staff500
For recruiting and signing a Wood Badge Class member10,000
For bringing a Wood Badge prospect to the promotion dinner3,000
For attending a Gilwell event 2,000
For working at a Gilwell Society event500
For completing a BSA training course 500
For working on a Gilwell Society sanctioned project (off-site)1,500
For serving as a member of the council or district training committee (Annual)1,000
As a member of the council training committee, attendance at monthly meeting100
For serving as a member of the council or district program committee (Annual)500
For recruiting and signing a new Gilwell Society member 8,000
For conducting a roundtable program (Max 2 per year) (each program) 1,000
For bringing a prospect to a Gilwell event (each prospect only once)1,000
For attending the Back-to-Gilwell event and the Annual Meeting in 20181,000
For attending WB promo in 2017, BTG and Annual Meeting in 20186,000

All points must be reported prior to June 1 each year.

A record of points earned will be maintained by the GILWELL Training Coordinators

Members may check their records at any time by calling or e-mailing the Gilwell Training Coordinator.

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